The current pandemic has proven the need for a more progressive, unified online engagement within the Ummah. The closure of places of worship and the move towards remote working has opened new ways for companies to create better online outreach.

The fact that a number of Masjids worldwide have not moved towards creating an online presence, or the lack of development of saver app based Islamic interactive programs, are a few reasons for the Ummah to embrace technological advancements.

The idea is to create a plug and play type of website builder that will enable each Masjid to have control over their information even if they are not tech savvy. We aim to provide each Masjid with all the tools, guides and support needed to reach a wider audience & continue to keep up to date with data-especially during global changes such as the current pandemic.

Think of it like the “wicks of Masjid Websites”, and these can be tailored according to each Masjid’s location. A Masjid is the heart of the community and creating an online presence that matches the level of support individuals would receive face to face is needed now more than ever.