Afdal Feroz

Shaykh Afdal Feroz was born in America where he spent most of his childhood in Atlanta Georgia. He undertook the traditional style of learning Islam and embarked on his Quranic memorization and Alim course at an early age and has been an Imam for the past 32 years. A highly sought-after speaker where he is regularly invited to deliver lectures, conduct courses, classes, and deliver khutbahs in masajids and institutions around the world.

With the knowledge and leadership qualities that he has been blessed with, he has utilized these strengths to resolve many domestic and community issues. He is known to be particularly inspiring to the youth due to his method of being able to connect with them. He and his wonderful team have organized multiple international Quran Competitions to encourage the participants and those attending to develop a love for the Quran.

The founder of Abdullah Academy, World Iftar Day, and a founder and trustee of Zakat Relief which is an organization that is aimed towards collecting and distributing Zakat in the strictest of traditional teachings and to help the Ummah in understanding that Zakat serves as a relief to the giver and the receiver.

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Adam Mahmood

Born and bred in the UK, Brother Adam finished his secular education in IT and worked towards a career in social services before engaging in community outreach programs.

After almost a decade of working in the civil services, Brother Adam continues to pursue his passion for community engagement and regulated, developed & oversaw the successful completion of several non for profit initiatives.

As well as managing these initiatives, Brother Adam has continued to lead and support dozens of volunteers from underprivileged backgrounds, to create job opportunities & career pathways for these individuals to thrive in.

He was fortunate enough to become a Haafidh from a young age and has always encouraged the importance of Islamic awareness through youth outreach programs.

To date, he works with a number of youth volunteers to increase inclusivity and growth within the next generation, and has also been a Muadhin for over 15 years.

One of Brother Adam’s goals is to create more opportunities for individuals from underprivileged communities, and actively reintegrate these individuals to lessen the gap of poverty within the wider Ummah.


Shaheer Alam

Web Developer
Shaheer Alam is a Hafidh, a junior martial artist, a student of A Levels and founder of WebAych. He has modest skills in web designing and other graphics, video and audio related editing. He specializes in designing modern Kufic logos. He has experience in developing eCommerce websites and his projects are working successfully across the globe.

Azir Razzak

software developer

Azir is a Software Developr and Systems Architect at the planning inspectorate. He is the director of A2Z Technologies

He is specialised in Network Infrastructure, Application Developement, Design and Analysis.

He is also serves at many Mosques in Cardiff and Bristol to provide support with his expertise.

Content Designers

Maaz Yunus


Maaz is a Graphic Designer & recently Co-Founded My Quran Translations. He was born in India and moved to Makkah, Saudi Arabia at the age of two. He completed his Senior Secondary education as a science student and is now pursuing a Bachelors in Accounting.

Maaz being a Cultural Secretary in the Students Council at his school, organized and hosted several events and programs. He is also the founder of Islamic Talent Club which hosts Islamic competitions and events, namely Qiraat and Adhaan competition with more than 100 participants in the first event.

During Hajj season, he works at the Indian Haj Mission in Makkah assisting pilgrims and directing the daily Haj Report news channel.

Maaz was also part of the world’s largest Hackathon organized by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, officially recognized by the Guinness World Record.

Currently being a student, he also manages the My Quran Translations project with a team of 30 video editors.

Maaz loves solving problems and possesses strong organizational and team collaboration skills with experience in creating efficient workflows and processes. He aims to be an entrepreneur who can serve and benefit the Ummah and empower Muslims across the world.