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Services Essentials Essentials Plus Professional Premium
Home Page A Homepage is essential for any website and the amount of information provided on the homepage has to also have limits otherwise important information can be missed out.
About Us / History of Masjid The About Us page will inform your visitors about the history of the Mosque which is educational for those who attend the Mosque as well as those who are visitors to the Mosque. It can also include the mission statement, aims and goals and information of Imaams of the Mosque.
Prayer Times The Prayer Times page will show the monthly timetable highlighting each day daily and allow users to download the Mosque prayer times in PDF Format.
Donate The Prayer Times page will show the monthly timetable highlighting each day daily and allow users to download the Mosque prayer times in PDF Format.
Contact Us The Contact Us Page will have a embedded form which will allows visitors of the website to contact the Mosque via email. It will also show the address and other contact details for visitors to find easily when wanting to make contact with the Mosque. A Map of the Mosque can also be included on this page to allows users to easily locate the Mosque and be familiar with the surroundings.
Free ummahsites domain* This is a sub domain feature so for example the domain for the Mosque would be
Prayer Times -integration into Iqamah Times We will create a masjid Listing on Iqamah times, a platform to Iqamah Times an Ad free app that will enable users to view Adhaan & Iqamah times for the Daily Prayers from anywhere in the UK.
Hosting We will host the website on our servers and ensure the website remains operational. It will be regularly updated for security and for essential updates.
Custom Emails Mosques can have upto 3 custom email addresses. (should only be with custom domain)
Free Custom domain Depends on availability) 12 month min subscription, This is a domain which you will be choosing such as
Masjid Services Marriage, Funeral, Shahada. A page explaining these services on how to book a Marriage Cermemony and the relevant forms to provide the necessary information to the Mosque.
Listen Live (requires Ummah Streams) The Listen Live page will have an embedded audio player which will be linked to Ummah Streams which is a project under Ummah Apps.
Programmes / Events The Programmes and Events page allows users to view all the upcoming programmes and events which will be taking place at the Mosque and keep up to date with regular programmes.
Publications / Blogs The Publications page can be used to upload books, articles, pamphlets or other material that the Mosque has published for educational purposes.
Education The Education page can include information about the courses the Mosque holds for Children, Adults, Sisters, Reverts and other educational courses held at the Mosque.
Announcements The Announcements page will be a page that can be updated by the Mosque or Ummah sites to keep users aware of the latest information and announcement that need to be broadcasted. This can include announcements for Eid or funeral prayers.
Ask Imam The users can use a contact style form to ask Questions to the Imam which will be sent to a custom email address for the Imam to respond from.
Media Gallery Any images Mosques want to share with the wider community about the Masjid or projects can have its own page on the website.
Bookings Page This page can allow users to easily book their prayer spots at the Masjid during the global Covid-19 Pandemic to allow an easy and controlled system.
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